Annual Services

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Individual Services

+ Guest Check In/Out
Check in/out for your guests and provision of keys to authorized service providers, family, friends at our office location 7 days a week.
+ 24/7 Availability
After-hours contact and services available 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.
+ Trash Recycle Service
We’ll take trash and recycling to and from curb on scheduled days.
+ HVAC Filter Program
We’ll replace the air filters and light bulbs as needed.
+ Housekeeping and Inspection Services
We will schedule the following services and inspect after each time they are performed: cleaning, linen, pest control, carpet & upholstery cleaning, pool/spa, yard maintenance.
+ Repair/Replace Recommendations
We’ll recommend items that need to be replaced, updated, repaired or added to your rental home.
+ Full-service Home Maintenance
We will take care of all of your maintenance needs.
+ Winterization/Off-season Services
We will winterize your property and provide monthly checks to keep your property secure.
+ Hurricane Prep. (Pre/Post Storm)
  • Secure all outdoor furnishings
  • Secure garbage cans
  • Secure all interior doors and windows
  • Access interior of property for water/wind damage
  • Take pictures of any damage for insurance purposes and provide to Homeowner
  • Reset all outdoor furnishings
  • Clear small debris from deck areas
  • Report findings to homeowner
  • Each property will be inspected, documentation of any damages, photos, secure any items, cover any potential hazards of leaks.
+ Licensed/Insured Contractors
All vendors, contractors and service providers are licensed and insured.
+ Grounds and Pool Management
All grounds and pool services available.
All vendors, contractors and service providers are licensed and insured.
+ High Quality Linen Service/Bed Making
We can provide high quality linens and towel for your guest along with bed making services to make your guest more comfortable.

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